Winter Classic Jerseys: Pittsburgh Penguins & Washington Capitals…



17 Responses to “Winter Classic Jerseys: Pittsburgh Penguins & Washington Capitals…”

  1. Sidney Crosby says:

    Oh no. I cant wear that. it doesnt match my eyes

  2. pgbruiser says:

    Barf!!!! Pens fan here, and i hate the jersey design at the top of the page. Please, Please, Please NO MORE BLUE!!!!

  3. mobiuswon says:

    Nope, that’s NOT the Penguins jersey.

  4. bryan says:

    i dont like this pens jersey. should have went with the black and gold ones that were worn in the early 1990s

  5. B.o.B says:


  6. igloofn68 says:

    Enough with the blue already. It’s terrible. Don’t even like the vegas gold. The gold should be an orange type color like they used to wear and like the Steelers wear. Blue is not Pittsburgh. The players look like babies with that blue crap on!

  7. muahaha says:

    well, it is a crosby jersey…

  8. jerzey sure says:

    in response to igloofn68…The blue color of the Pens jersey is found on the Pittsburgh flag, so yes, it is Pittsburgh

  9. Michael says:

    Horrible job on the Penguins jersey….No more blue we get it. The 84 Yellow third jersey would have worked

  10. Caps Rock... says:

    How gives a … what the pen,s wear. The CAPITALS are going to look Great. C.A.P.S. CAPS CAPS CAPS

  11. Danny Duberstein says:

    I would have preferred the Pens wearing their inaugural style with the diagonal crest PITTSBURGH but this was their logo at one point (not their crest) and I think it looks cool as the busier jerseys go. Lol @ all you purists who seem to think the Pens history started with Lemieux’s being drafted and ended with his first retirement.

  12. Ed Taulor says:

    This is the original home jersey. The road jerseys had the Pittsburgh script.

  13. Brian says:

    No it isn’t the original home jersey. They both had the diagonal Pittsburgh. This is a completely new design. This logo has never been used on a jersey, get your facts straight.

  14. bryant thomas says:

    who cares penguins suck.

  15. Suds says:

    This logo was used on banners but not the jersys!

  16. Ms.Crosby says:

    dayyymnnnnn, my husbands sexxxxxyyy !!! 😉

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