Very Surprising Nik Backstrom Interview on his Disappointment with the Capitals Loss….


Quick summary of game 7 and how disappointed Bäckström was, leaving the arena without facing the media. Here is the actual link in Swedish:

B: I feel better now, I’m alright. “Bäckis” (his nickname) assures, now one day after the game.

He sounds composed, now that worst disappointment seem to have gone away.

B: They really were alot better than us. Can’t do anything about that now.

Reporter: It’s easier coping with a loss like this rather than another OT game?

B: That’s exactly what we said to eachother in the dressing room afterwards. Losing another close game would’ve been worse. Truth is we were a bit too content to win a game 7 like this one. It didn’t feel like that before the game, but it probably was that way.

Reporter talking about their young and less experienced team.

B: Pittsburgh has some young guys too, but you might be on to something there. We weren’t quite ready yet, sais “Bäckis”, who’s very impressed by the opposition.

B: I think Pittsburgh can win the Stanley Cup. Personally I’d like that now. They are a really good team.

“Bäckis” also praises Sidney Crosby.

B: Playing like he did against us now, he’s the best player.

Reporter: The best you’ve met?

B: Yeah, Ovechkin is awesome from the red line and forward, but Crosby’s awesome all over the rink. We knew how dangerous he is in front of the net, but we couldn’t solve him. Maybe it looks like he’s lucky alot, but it’s about being in the right place you know, and he almost always is.

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