Two Very Interesting Fights Last Night (1-3-09)

Fight # 1 – Sidney Crosby vs. Brett McLean

While I respect Sidney Crosby for his unbelievable skillset, what the hell was this? I assume he was just frustrated because the Panthers were giving it to the Penguins.

Im going to analyze this a bit:

1. Sidney wants to fight. So he picked a guy that is his size, so he does not get embaressed. (+ 1 Crosby)

2. Make sure you have the upper hand in the fight. (+ 1 Crosby)

3. Let your opponent know you want to fight. (- 1 Crosby)

4. Actually fight your opponent and do not just hump your opponent with a Mighty Ducks 2 jersey pull. (- 1 Crosby)

Overall this was a very ugly fight and an insult to the title of a “fight.” I like the idea of Crosby, the captain, wanting to get into a fight and bring some life to his team who is losing bad, but this was the wrong way to do it.

Sidney, you need to at least let McLean know that you want to fight and I understand you want the upper hand but at least throw a punch and not just hump him awkwardly.

Overall this is unfortunately a big minus for Sidney and his reputation.

Fight # 2 – Alexander Semin vs. Marc Staal

This fight was very ugly as well.

Alright so Ovechkin tries to run Staal but misses. Play goes on to the Rangers end and I assume it was a combination of Semin falling over Lundqvist and Staal being angry at AO trying to run him, but Staal goes after Semin and pulls the same Mighty Ducks 2 jersey pull on Semin that Crosby did to McLean.

Same thing as Crosby’s fight here. Staal did not give Semin a chance to fight back.  This fight should have looked like the Crosby fight except Semin did not have his jersey strapped down and it obviously came off.

So then Semin starts swiniging randomly and because he is so skinny, it looks like a slap-happy convention.

This just shows that stars in the NHL are nor meant to fight, unless you are a badass like Jarome Iginla.

2 Responses to “Two Very Interesting Fights Last Night (1-3-09)”

  1. Vince says:

    Semin throwing those fists was totally unacceptable… This is the NHL not the UFC… No matter how much of a little bitch he is, when you ground and pound somebody, you can seriously hurt them… In my opinion he and ovechkin both have no class…

  2. admin says:

    Very True. Once the guys are on the ground, all punches should stop.

    I was actually hoping Orr would go after Ovechkin for trying to kill Staal, but ofcourse he stopped because noone ill touch Ovechkin.

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