Sidney Crosby’s Girlfriend!?


I think Sidney is going to be fine…

28 Responses to “Sidney Crosby’s Girlfriend!?”

  1. Jade says:

    Why, exactly, are you convinced this is Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend?

  2. Bobby says:

    I thought Cindy was in a commited relationship with Gino.

  3. Taylor says:

    woww….thats a lie. why would yu think this is his girlfriend??!

  4. DJ says:

    cheap way to drive traffic to your website.

  5. ovie says:

    I didn’t know Crosby was a lesbian

  6. cybervamp says:

    No way that , This girl is sid’s girl ..she looks like she got hit with a hockey stick in the face!! think sid had better taste!!
    Ugly people are just friends!!

  7. cybervamp says:

    No way that , This girl is sid’s girl ..she looks like she got hit with a hockey stick in the face!! think sid has better taste!!
    Ugly people are just friends!!
    Or maybe she is a really nice girl…and she’s just a friend!!
    anyways…. who cares??? …lol…

  8. BrianCHIEF says:

    every girl in Pittsburgh wearing a Crosby jersey is his girlfriend.

  9. bob says:

    look at the retard in the background

  10. DJ says:

    Is it even a Crosby jersey?

  11. elle says:

    First of all, some people think this may be Kathy Leutner, which some think is/was Sid’s gf. Either way, she is not ugly, you imbicile!!

  12. the baws. says:

    fuuuuuckin cunt, get rid of these nasty russian hoes !

  13. the baws. says:

    fuuuuck, these dirty russian hoes need to get off his sids’dick”. pure gold diggers, most of them just like oksanan kondakova !

  14. PensChick87 says:

    She’s a Grenade! ahaha

  15. B.o.B says:

    Actually the exact opposite of a grenade…but you keep dreaming that “PensChick87” hahahahahahaha and you go ahead and keep dreaming about you being sid’s woman too.

  16. Jenna says:

    I dunno if thats his gf, but i can say its NOT Kathy Leutner. Kathy has a distinct widows peak on her hairline. Otherwise, I can see why people think its her.

  17. Jenna says:

    The girl in the above pic also has a smooth bottom lip, Kathy has a lip cleft on her lower lip. Im sure Sid is taken either way though, sorry ladies!

  18. LC says:

    That is definitely not Kathy. She looks way different. Plus I think she’s in the past. Most recently a chick name Laura was saying she was dating Sid and had pics to prove it. Did they mention this was his gf? I’m hesitant to believe it because he’s such a private guy, we may not know who his gf is.

  19. Francis says:

    If you want to see real pictures of SIdney Crosby’s girlfriend go to my web page.

  20. crosbylover says:

    that is soo not his gf like wtf!there no flipin proof either
    hes singelll he said soo himself!!!

  21. Courtney says:

    “crosbylover” is rite!!! there’s no proof wat so ever now leeve poor sid alone!!!! how would u like it if ppl were on your back about havin a gf/bf!!!! just back off!!! pore kid has 2 deel w/ a concusion!!! he shouldn’t have 2 deel w/ ppl buggin him and disturbing his private life!!! how would feel if u had a concussion and now had 2 deel w/ this!!!!!!

  22. Courtney says:

    ppl like u fRANCIS should B ashame!!!! how’d u like it if ppl took pics o u and your gf!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Heyjude says:

    Actually, it’s the dark hair girl on the back right! I hear she’s a pig in bed! And he likes it that way!!!

  25. John Peterson says:

    How can this shit be legally publishes….Total Abuse!

  26. no yu all wronj tht not crospy gurfrin dat are downsyndrim cum dumbstr , i et her bum and like crospy in the as hole ad i suk hims dick tody at nyt tim . kuntz jon in on my crospy eat ecothers as he fuck both our as houles! him god at it .

  27. Wow says:

    Wow people. I went to school with her. She’s a nice girl and she’s very pretty. This pic doesn’t do her justice. I’m pretty sure she was not his girlfriend….

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