Daniel Briere suspended 2 games for late hit…


This was right after Scott Hannan scored the goal. He left after with a neck injury.

Here is the video (about the 3:25 mark):

7 Responses to “Daniel Briere suspended 2 games for late hit…”

  1. Snow says:

    Wow, that was pretty brutal. I watched the game and never even noticed it.

  2. #1 flyers fan in toronto says:

    GOD Briere is such a small guy nice hit

  3. Yes says:

    Yeah he should have. He lined up an unsuspecting opponent who just scored a goal

  4. foobar says:

    Not very late of a hit…but still a bad one, stupid, useless, etc…worthy of a one game suspension, not two. I think he got two games for the actual injury.
    I noticed some of the reports say “as he was celebrating the goal…”, sorry it was only a second after the shot, he did not know it went in yet.

  5. Hockey Fan says:

    I just watched the highlight film and saw the hit. I rewinded it several times. It looked more like a self defense hit than an intentional hit. Briere being the smaller player would have taken it in the face. Either way he should have tried to avoid the hit and a ‘knee to knee’ blow or stayed on his skates and taken the hit to his face.

  6. rocko says:

    thats why the sabres let him go because he is a little beeutch

  7. web says:

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