Sean Avery leaks New York Rangers third jerseys…


7 Responses to “Sean Avery leaks New York Rangers third jerseys…”

  1. glenn says:

    THis jersey doesn’t look good at all , Alway’s like the one with the Liberty head on it or just RANGERS on it. The worst had to be the one’s they wore back in 77 /78 this is New York we have to be showcased in the world’s most famous arena . Dump this jersey .

  2. Aj Bezner says:

    It is ok they could have done so much more to it then just that… I still say bring back the Liberty jerseys for sure. They were the best looking jerseys…

  3. Ethan Schovanek says:


  4. curtis says:

    generic and boring bring back lady liberty

  5. Kevin G says:

    I think avery needs to stop modeling, hes a pusscake

  6. Bayley says:

    I like it. “Old SKool” just like the Rangers are!

  7. Kevin G says:

    Bayley is a faggit, rangers suck,GO DEVILS!

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