Rumor of the Day: Pat Kane/Ilya Kovalchuk edition…


To Chicago: Ilya Kovalchuk

To Atlanta: Pat Kane & 2011 1st Round pick


4 Responses to “Rumor of the Day: Pat Kane/Ilya Kovalchuk edition…”

  1. Jersey says:

    There’s no way in hell Chicago does this deal. No way in hell. It’s complete BS.

  2. Hawks fan in Edinburgh says:

    What’s that rattling sound? Oh, it’s my chain being yanked. Absolutely no sense in trading away Kane! An absolutely pointless and non-existent so-called “rumour”.

    There’s very little on the Hawks’ roster I’d be happy to see shipped out (I’m not a great fan of Sopel but he’s been a great shot blocker) and I don’t know that Kovalchuk would bring enough to upgrade the team considering what they’d have to give up.

  3. admin says:

    This trade 100% makes the Hawks better this year.

    Long term? Thats arguable.

    Kovalchuk is only 26 and can score a ton more goals than Kane ever will. Granted the contract would probably suck, but the Hawks right now are arguably a Stanley Cup contender and with Kovalchuk, that would push them over the top and make them the favorites.

    If the Hawks won the cup this year because of getting Kovy as a rental or even signed long term, this would be the best trade in the history of the franchise.

  4. Hawks fan in Edinburgh says:

    “IF” – the biggest word in sports… :-)

    Nobody wants the Hawks to win the Cup this year more than me but I don’t want to see them become a one hit wonder and returning to the mediocrity of the 80s and 90s (one 90s Finals appearance notwithstanding).

    Kane is a long-term prospect, Kovy would probably be a one year rental. Risky. Dynasties are rare in hockey now, unless you have a winged wheel on your chest, and I don’t know that Kovy makes that any more likely to change.

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