Here is the racist loser that threw a banana at Wayne Simmonds: Chris Moorhouse

Per Puck Daddy:

Last Thursday at an exhibition game in London, Ont., a fan at the John Labatt Centre threw a banana on the ice during a shootout attempt by Wayne Simmonds(notes) of the Philadelphia Flyers. “When you’re a black man playing in a predominantly white man’s sport, you’ve got to come to expect things like that,” Simmonds said after the game.

Question is: Did Christopher Moorhouse, 26, expect the London police would take him into custody as a suspect connected with the banana-throwing incident? Because that’s what happened.

Police Chief Brad Duncan announced Wednesday that Moorhouse “has been charged with engaging in a prohibited activity on a premises under the trespass to property act.” It’s a provincial statute that could result in a fine of “not more than $2,000.”

AM 980 obtained photos of Moorhouse and had a running update of Duncan’s presser about the incident — including whether or not this could be classified as a hate crime:

“We took a very, very careful look at the circumstances and in this particular case it did not meet the threshold of a hate crime.” said Chief Duncan.

“You have to demonstrate the incident was motivated by hatred – but the circumstances, and the statements that we’ve received, would not meet that threshold of a hate crime.” he continued, also explaining the evidence did not meet the threshold of a mischief charge.

Interesting. More from the London Community News. Moorhouse has expressed remorse according to police, who refuse to say if there’s any video evidence of him throwing a banana or information on how he came into possession of said banana or if he had been drinking that evening.

From the London Free Press, a statement from the Flyers:

A statement released JLC Comcast-Spectacor president and Global Spectrum Chairman Peter Luukko expressed gratitude to police, City of London and fans who came forward with information leading to the arrest. “We fully support the efforts to prosecute this individual. We have zero tolerance when it comes to this type of foolish behaviour. We will not tolerate it at the John Labatt Centre nor any of the other facilities we manage,” Luukko said.

Sounds like someone’s photo will be given to all the ushers at the Labatt Centre …

44 Responses to “Here is the racist loser that threw a banana at Wayne Simmonds: Chris Moorhouse”

  1. sachin m says:

    Dude looks like a class A douchbag!

  2. Carol says:

    He is showing “remorse”. Seriously!!!! Give me a break………’s only because this RACIST LOSER GOT CAUGHT. I wonder how much of his actions brought to the surface the fact that he is harboring resentment that a “black” man succeeded at a sport that he perhaps failed at??

    I pray for him and pray that God forgives him and that the justice system does not fail Wayne Simmonds.

  3. bob says:

    the real racists are those who say it was a racist act.
    How the hell does everyone seem to know that throwing a banna is racists? Had to google “racist banna” to find out info on this.
    When i herd about it the LAST thing I would have called it is racist having no idea that people use to taunt people with dark skin by shucking a banna at them.

    The guy is an stupid idiot nothing more, nothing less.

    and now it appears Wayne hates gay people as he uttered a homophobic slur at Avery.

  4. Jazz says:

    I agree Carol… he’s showing remorse. I bet after the game he was laughing his ass off with his friends. The day after he was probably gloating about it, until they announced they would do an investigation on the matter… hahaha, glad they caught this creep.

    I can’t wait until he applies for jobs and they do a background check to find out what type of racist actions he was involved in… and they dismiss his application. LOL… douchebag.

  5. wayne says:

    His pain of watching a young and more talented blackman play professional hockey was so intense that the devil conquered his pathetic soul. God bless him!

  6. girl12 says:


    What is a banna?

  7. Sam says:

    how embarrassing…i never thought this could happen in our good old favourite Canadian sport=(

  8. chad says:

    Bob, you’re a moron. Stop trying to overthink it and justify what this jacka** did. Why was the banana thrown when the one black player on either teams was one the ice? Explain that detective.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well coming from someone who actually knows him and the kind of person he is I can tell you that he in no way meant it as a racist act and the fact that you are all making some type of connection between a banana and a black person shows that for some reason you racists associate black people with monkeys for some reason? Have you never seen a cartoon or any reference to someone slipping on a banana? You have no idea who this guy is or what he has been through and I think it is so sad that you are spending you time judging someone for a drunken decision they made at a hockey game. He is a die hard red wings fan and simply made a bad choice to try and distract the wrong player. Now the media and others are putting a racial spin on it and hoping his life is ruined? Wow I think you need to take a look in the mirror and worry about yourself not what some 26 year old is doing at a hockey game. Bob has a great point. Although I do not think it was smart I do not think this guy who has been like a brother to me my whole life deserves to have his life ruined because a whole bunch of people who have nothing better to do with their time than judge others are blasting him on the internet.

  10. Steve says:

    There were 2 bananas thrown. The first didn’t make it to the ice, but it was thrown when Simmonds scored in the 3rd period. The second one was thrown during the shootout.

    Idiots out there are saying that it’s racist to assume this is a racist act. Give me a break. You’re all just ignorant sheltered individuals. I guess if you didn’t know what the N-term meant or was used for, I’d consider anyone that does know what it means to be racist, right? Ignorance is not an excuse.

  11. Steve says:

    So he went to the hockey game with 2 bananas? Both directed while Simmonds was on the ice. You don’t know him well enough… don’t be an idiot.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Agree 100% with the anonymous comment above. Everyone is worried about this guy apparently being racist yet nobody has mentioned the ignorance that simmonds had in the game on monday, in which simmonds used a homophobic slur towards Avery. Maybe its just alittle bit of pay back? Even though its a tad bit babyish.

  13. Steve says:

    You mean the homophobic slur that was investigated and dismissed? So you take the words of Sean Avery in that case? What does that have to do with this anyways. That action does not dismiss this action. They are two separate issues.

  14. LOL says:

    I’m glad this kid’s life is ruined forever. People like this do not deserve a chance in life. We all have choices and clearly he made a stupid one. If he has the audacity to do such an act, what’s stopping him from doing other stupid shit in the future? Put the kid away for good, no need for him to be out there mingling with society, he’s just wasting space. Hopefully the kid will never get a job again or at least his name will forever be tainted with his distasteful act of racism. This is probably the same kid who bullied others in school. Now he’s gotta watch his back for the rest of his life in fear that some crazy ass mofo is gonna shank him. LOL, sucks to be you Christopher….sucks. to. be. you.

  15. Jamie says:

    Geez, to Anonymous or anyone else who claims that throwing the banana was done without any racist intent – have you been living under a rock or something? The same thing was done to Kevin Weekes and other black ice-hockey players and it’s also been done towards black soccer players in Europe. Hardly a co-incidence – it’s well known that historically Blacks were denigrated by being compared to monkeys. I doubt this guy’s life is going to be ruined, and regardless, it’s the consequence of his own stupidity. Hopefully it sends a message to others of his kind.

  16. As someone who knows says:

    He’s a good kid. Everyone makes mistake. Yes it was a terrible and racist thing, and he will get what he deserves. But as a great man once said “The only mistake in life is the lesson not learned.” Now boys!! I know who you are, our little community knows who you are. Learn from Chris and dropped the b***shit. Chris good luck! I hope you learned and don’t take any of this shit to heart, just learn from it!!! And people find something better to do!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I think we all need to get our facts straight. Chris did not take two bananas to the hockey game. The bananas came from a drink stand at the arena. Anyone who says they haven’t made mistakes in the past is just lying. Chris is a great guy and made a mistake. Everyone deserves a second chance in life.

  18. DenverD says:

    I agree with Steve. Who actually makes a conscious effort to take bananas to a hockey game unless you have an ulterior motive? And it’s not like it’s something you can purchase at the rink, so what was his reason? Comedy slip and fall? I doubt it.
    Today you will face a reckoning, maybe before your God, but definitely before the internet. This guy’s image will now be associated with this incident and will probably follow him for as long as there is Google. You need to really think nowadays before you do something stupid (see “Vancouver Riots” for more info).

  19. Guest says:

    As someone who knows says:

    “Now boys!! I know who you are, our little community knows who you are. Learn from Chris and dropped the b***shit.”

    Uh is that a threat? Sure looks like it – perhaps you are looking to get charged too? Seems like there’s no shortage of thugs…

  20. Thereis@GOD says:

    I appreciate the mature nature of everyone’s comments. Far from the sophomoric racist bu11$h1t that you find on the barstoolsports site. Thereis@GOD!

  21. A Concerned Citizen says:

    Any intelligent minded person knows what the meaning of a banana thrown at a black person means. To even try to defend this is absurd. The part that bothers me more than anything, this individual is currently in the Police Foundations program at Fanshawe College in London. We DO NOT need anymore racist cops! He will then have a badge & gun to throw around instead of a banana. As a society, we need to put the focus on this issue & maybe with enough uproar, he will no longer be permitted to study to become a police officer.

  22. HAHAHA says:


  23. another opinion says:

    Hasn’t the Vancouver riots taught people anything? In this day of digital media and electronic convenience, it is easier to get your pic up on the internet. Sure this guy made a mistake, where he is remorseful or not remain to be seen, but he will pay for his actions in one way or another. He will probably get a slap on the wrist by the courts, but if this guy is looking for work or starting a career you don’t want to be associated with this sort of thing. As a company man, I wouldn’t want my company being represented by someone like this. All I can say is, I really hope you learned from this. Ignorance is not bliss, we all must be held accountable for our actions.

  24. wayne says:

    Anonymous, your a A+ big a loser too!!

  25. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a Banana! says:

    The one thing I learned from this is that he should have thrown an apple or an orange because you wouldn’t have had to try twice to get the dam thing onto the ice! Bananas have a very limited hang time! Peace!!

  26. Fiota liike a butterfly, sting like a Banana! says:

    “FLOAT like a butterfly…” My apologies.

  27. Float like a butterfly,sting like a Banana! says:

    Good thing it wasn’t Avery taking the shot! Pink cut-off shorts would never have made it all the way to the ice!

  28. Joe says:

    I guess when this happened to Kevin Weekes in Montreal before a playoff game, it was just an attempt to stop a goal in advance.

  29. Carol says:

    I agree with A Concerned Citizen. We need to focus on the fact that he is currently enrolled in the Police Foundations Program and have him removed immediately!! What does it say for the Academy if they allow such an individual to become an “Officer of the Law” who is capable of displaying such a public act of discrimination. Reading through all the comments…..whether he was in a ‘drunken moment, a die hard “Wings fan”, excited or disappointed about the game it is all irrelevant. If he has hopes and dreams of becoming a Police Officer planning to take an Oath to Serve and Protect ALL CITIZENS, he needs to be mature,logical, fair minded, level headed and not harbor any form of racism. The Academy needs to do a re-assessment of this individual.

  30. Brian says:

    I’d like to hear more about there being two bananas. On the surface it looks like it was a racial slur. Who takes a banana to a Hockey game? But I can give it a slim shot at just bad luck. Two bananas looks more like it was planned but the slimmest change it was really bad luck.

    To throw them at exact moments Simmons was involved, points more towards fact as racism. It sure appears that this guy did exactly what we all think he did.

    If he did what it looks like he did for reasons it appears like he did, let his local community handle him. I don’t think it calls for violence, the guy made a really stupid choice to try to be funny or something else.

    Simmons then calls Avery a “Pag” or “Pagget” I cant find out which or what. Again its poor judgment but do we really ned massive crimes being considered. I am sure everyone knows that Simmons anger was directed at 1 guy or a cluster of Rangers.

    Lets keep our perspective real about these things.

  31. Chris says:

    Ok, lets forget about this idiot who decided to apparently distract a team with a banana (ya right). First of all, do some research…bananas and ‘blacks’ go waaay back in the history books. This is nothing new. If I wanted to ‘distract’, Im sure I would have use something better than a banana, but like I said, lets forget out all this for a minute. Does anyone know the names of the two people who are leaders of 2 prominent racial groups who live in London? I dont remember myself, but they live there. London has forever had poor race relations and has been generally more racist than not. Forget this guy for a minute and lets get to the real root of the real problem. Dont just sweep it under the rug and pretend like the city did something. It’ll just be time before something else stupid happens and people are quick to dismiss.

  32. Dude says:

    I know the guy from highschool, I don’t think he’s a racist, he was probably just being a roudy fan that did something stupid. I don’t think it was motivated by race.

  33. whatthe says:

    Hockey players, generally, are not the sharpest tools in the box. Once you realize that, this all makes sense.

  34. Sure says:

    @ Dude. I went to that School and there were/are a few racist teachers. In this day and age I think its hard to pull something like that and not know what you’re doing. London in general is a racist city and has been under the racial radar forever and a half. But lets sweep this on under the rug just like the others :)

  35. Chris MoorhouseVP says:

    Jefferson 77

    You probably should get your facts right before slandering someone who is 53 years old and obviously not the Chris Moorhouse in London.

  36. dayton says:

    london is a racist place very racist, the london police who did an investigation must have become aware that mr, moorhouse threw two bananas at the black hockey player so why then did they not charge him with a hate crime, the fact that he is in the police program may have alot to do with the london police buring the hate crime charge. students who go into police progams usually come from police families, si is there a family memner of this kids on the london poice force. and the police college programs usaually have a strict suitability for the profession criteria for entrance to the program Chris certainly has violated that suitability by his racist actions, so let us a s a society not allow this racist to become a cop. As a society it is our time to move ahead as the human race as one caring race, everyone make an outcry for this kid to be removed from the police program!!!!

  37. BecksMommy says:

    they are both raacust !

  38. Internet Detective says:

    Posted by Jefferson77 Sept 29th at 11:50 am

    “This guy is pathetic, but perhaps in also a hick too, not being exposed to much in London, Ont.”

    “Anyways, he works at Lambton Conveyor (as a VP of all things), just outside of London. Please feel free to email the company and have him fired. We don’t tolerate racists/supremecists in this country.”

    LMAO I thought I had seen it all.. Jefferson77, you know nothing, get your (non) facts straight, Chris Moorhouse, VP of Lambton conveyor is a stand up guy that is in his 50’s…. The net blows my mind sometimes, you probably just googled the name and came up with that.. great work detective! Now a place of business will be barraged with emails because of some joker on the web..

  39. jzbass72 says:

    To the idiots on here claiming that this was not a racially motivated incident: He threw a banana at a black player because he’s equating blacks with monkeys, apes, gorillas, and other sundry members of the primate family. If you think that this is all just coincidence, that he really JUST HAPPENED to bring a banana to a hockey game and then JUST HAPPENED to throw it at the player who JUST HAPPENS to be black, then keep right on going through life with your head up your buttocks.

    This kind of idiocy about throwing bananas at athletes of African extraction has gone on for decades. Google “John Barnes banana”, Roberto Carlos banana”, “Neymar banana”, “Kevin Weekes banana”, “Carlos Kameni banana”…. This alleged man knew exactly what he was doing.

  40. vile scum says:

    you are all so stupid this guy is my family and i know for a fact hes no racist, what reaction would he get if it were an apple, or orange, your stupid, have a nice day

  41. Anonymous says:

    Well I do know Chris personally and I hope someone kicks his ass. He’s a drunk,a drug using loser who will never amount to nothing. And no the reaction probably wouldn’t be the same if it was an apple or an orange but he did throw a banana, and that looks and is racist. And if it wasn’t racist, why didn’t he throw a banana at the other Philly players?

  42. vile_scum says:

    he is my cousin , i know the guy better than anyone, and i bet all you diddnt know he went to college to become a police officer ,hmm police officers cant do there jobs if they are racist .. correct .. yes ,, he bought the fucken banana and the jlc. the reason for throwing it was because he thinks simmonds is the best philly has, and wanted to stop the goal that he knew was coming, in detroit they throw squids so i guess that has to be a remark against chienese people? the only person who could possibly find this racist, is a racist, i have a black friend that i introducwd chris to , good guy as well and he felt no hostility toward him so it goes to say that all you stupid internet losers have absolutely no life, and yeah he may drink and smoke pot . but so do all your favorite rock and roll and rap artists, nobody ever says how wrong they are ,, thanks for trying everyone but you cant judge a book by its cover , one more thing how come nobody is talking about the gay bashing simmonds did ? or is that ok to do? you wont slam him cause hes black and dont wanna look bad , GROW UP do some research , someone else also said he threw 2 bananas one prior to the one on the ice, they said it was aimed at simmonds, heres a better question how could you possibly know where someone was aiming if the fucken thing diddnt even get on the ice?? think about that

  43. steve says:

    clearly you are the racists for connecting a banana to a black person.. get a life and leave the poor guy alone

  44. Eliz says:

    I baby sat him when he was little and I am pretty sure the only thing Chris is guilty of is not thinking. His Mother is not raciest and he was not brought up raciest. But he did not always think things through. Personally I would never equate a banana with a dark person honestly it would never have crossed my mind. I don’t think he did either.

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