Top 10 Snipers in the NHL Today (With Video Evidence Ofcourse)

Before anyone gets mad at the list. This list is only for snipers. If the list was for top 10 players in the NHL, guys like Crosby, Datsyuk, Thornton, Iginla, etc.. would be ahead of most of these guys. But this is for snipers only.

Definition of a Sniper – Pure NHL goal scorer who consistently scores goals, preferably in top corners of the net. Snipers are guys who have a wide open net and still roof the puck, just because they can. Snipers, although not opposed to, rarely have dumpy rebound or tip goals. Snipers are pure goal scorers who consistently make goalies look bad by putting the puck in the smallest corners right under the crossbar.

Here is my list:

1. Alexander Ovechkin

2. Jeff Carter

3. Ilya kovalchuk

4. Nikolai Zherdev

5. Eric Staal

6. Alexander Semin

7. Dany Heatley

8. Marian Gaborik

9. Thomas Vanek

10. Martin Havlat

5 Responses to “Top 10 Snipers in the NHL Today (With Video Evidence Ofcourse)”

  1. person says:

    ovechkin is not the top sniper in the nhl

  2. snacks says:

    yes, he definitely is.

  3. Sidney crosby says:

    Mike cammalleri and phil kessel say hi
    both are much better pure shooters than ovechkin and all but like 2 people on that list learn yiur hockey

  4. !! says:

    sidney crosby should be in there. AND EVGENI MALKIN!!!!

  5. what about sidney crosby???????? WHAT ABOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!

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