Tim Thomas Rocks Andrei Kostitsyn

I was never a big fan of Tim Thomas, probably because he always had that boring mask.

Apparently Andrei Kostitsyn hit Aaron Ward from behind previously in the game, which caused Thomas to pull out a can of whoop ass of him.

I love when guys stick up for their teammates so Tim Thomas just earned about 43,765 points in my book.

2 Responses to “Tim Thomas Rocks Andrei Kostitsyn”

  1. KeriAnne says:

    okay – so:
    Kostitsyn hit Ward from behind, and Thomas didn’t see it, he just heard it, and saw Ward on the ice. He remembered Patrice Bergeron last year, so he reacted. Any Canadian fan who thinks that this was a bad thing…well wtf were you watching?!
    that’s all I have to say. Thomas did the right thing.

  2. Mike says:

    Great comment!^^

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