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  1. Bob says:

    That’s zetterberg’s wife… don’t give crosby that kind of credit. guy could never wheel like Zetty

  2. Mark says:

    shut your shit bob id like to see you get a girl anywhere close to the girls crosby would get.

  3. Dan says:

    haha mark, crosby’s only attracting dudes with that pube stash he has going on. i have seen better stashes on fat women at the beach.

  4. zetti your an ass hole

  5. zettie keep your fat bitches in your house and the beach in your ass bquz you will never get something that good in your life only if its a slut that your wiling to pay crosbys girl is very beautiful

  6. dan i be you you saw your mothers jajaja pinche bendejo

  7. dan you attract boys with your slutie way of talking bitch attracting guy that’s super gay dan atleast crosby has a better girl that’s nice looking than a fucking popsicle you like licking on till the gum comes out your mama told me

  8. haffASS says:

    Can none of you read? It says her name is Chelsea, but right on the picture she’s signed it Emma, and the rest is Swedish. Yes, she is in fact Zetterberg’s girl, last I heard. Never thought I’d be jealous of a Swede, I feel dirty

  9. Pens247 says:

    I thought it might have been an autograph for Emma, but the swedish translation is Happy New Year Puss…… so I have no idea who chelsea is, or who girlfriend. But if its Crosbys, he is a very lucky man….. I would love to play with her twins, and just burry my head in between them.

  10. Rodriquez says:

    yalls are allll bitch, fuck all ya motha fuckas, crosby is a genious, a magicican with hands, aint noone touching him on the ice , fuck zetterberg and his hot as sexy wife, crosby still dangles through all them motha fuckin wings! crosby for prime miniser ! :)

  11. Courtney says:


  12. Bob-George says:

    Sidney Crossby is the best stupid

  13. Bob-George says:

    And that goes for all you haters out there

  14. Francis says:

    “Sidney Crossby is the best stupid”. Yuppers! I definitely agree that he is the best at being stupid. You might give him a run for his money though. Sidney Crosby has no girlfriend because he has a shu=itty personality so he has to pay for escorts. Unfortunately for him they do not all go away so quietly hence why we have an Internet phenomena called “Marketa Linden”

  15. Dear Rodriquez… did you pass grade 4 last year? Holy shit!!! You sound like you’re 9…

  16. ger says:

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  17. Indiana Muntz says:

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