NHL And NHLPA Plan To Meet Again Tuesday

NHL And NHLPA Plan To Meet Again Tuesday


After a weekend that saw both sides agree that things are moving in a positive direction, they have agreed to meet again on Tuesday to see if things can be moved closer to ending the entire NHL lockout.  The lockout, which began on September 15, 2012 of this year after the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement expired, has bled into the beginning of the season and has been at a stalemate for the last could of weeks.

While the season has already started, many were hoping that the dispute could be resolved early enough for the league to reschedule any missed games throughout the rest of the season.  As each day passes, this looks less and less likely, so a great deal of people are hoping the talks on Tuesday go well enough to warrant a return to the ice in the next few weeks.  Otherwise, this will be a shortened season for sure.  This would leave many Hockey fans without  their favorite sport to watch and many players not being able to participate in the sport they have so much passion for.  Things are looking up, though, as the talks have been getting more and more optimistic as time goes on.  With the main problem zeroed in on and both sides chomping at the bit to get everything resolved, this could end very soon, which would be great for all people involved.

With the lockout bleeding into opening day, NHL picks may be adjusted and harder to make for the season.  Waiting until the lockout is over may be a good move to make sure you have all the information possible to make your picks effectively before everything gets underway.  Otherwise, you may lose some money betting on a team because of not being informed about everything going on within the league before game one.

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