End Of Season Looming For NHL

End Of Season Looming For NHL


In all likelihood, no one will be making NHL picks this year.

Thanksgiving Day is looming, and with the Winter Classic already cancelled and very little budging on either side of the NHL lockout, it is starting to seem very likely that the 2012-13 season will be cancelled in its entirety sooner rather than later. We are now just over two months into the lockout, and there is still no end in sight.

Player contract rights and the split in revenue sharing are still on the table for both sides. A 50/50 revenue split was the latest offer on the table for both sides, but now, the players are searching for a proposed $1.883 billion with increases along the way instead of a split in the revenue sharing by percentages. The NHLPA seems to be ready to propose an offer based upon a revenue split instead of a set number, but according to, those proposals have not happened to this point.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN, “If their proposal continues to be a guaranteed player amount… that’s a proposal that would… ever be acceptable to us. If that happens to be where we are, we will be a long way apart.”

Matters are starting to get frustrating for the players for sure. Many have gone overseas to play hockey for the year, and those that are on the other side of the pond are at least collecting paychecks and getting a chance to play the game that they love. Others have resorted to going to the media to vent frustration. Kris Versteeg referred to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman as a “cancer,” while Ian White referred to Bettman as an “idiot.”

At this point, it is a wonder even if the NHL comes back, whether some of the best hockey players in the world might elect to play overseas to avoid these problems, as this is the second time that a season is under the serious threaten of cancelation in the last decade.

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