Donald Fehr Still Unsuccessful In Negotiations

Donald Fehr Still Unsuccessful In Negotiations


Things do not look great coming out of the negotiations this Sunday as it pertains to the NHL lockout.  NHL players association representative Donald Fehr was once again unsuccessful in brokering a deal between the two sides and it does not look like a deal will be made any time soon.  With everything up in the air the way it is, many are left to wonder if Fehr has become the most hated man in all of the National Hockey League.

When it comes to effectiveness, Fehr is the least out of the players association representatives that have gone through this in the past few years.  When the NFL was going through their lockout, they were able to get things going to the point that they did not miss any games, and that includes preseason.  While the NBA lockout did shave a few games off the entirety of the season, they were able to get things resolved in enough time to have almost a full season.  With the way things are going currently for the NHL, this lockout may last for the entire season and maybe beyond.  Fehr’s lack of efficiency in the negotiation process has hurt the players in their efforts to get things rolling and it may hurt everyone in the long run.  The fans and players alike want to see some action on the ice sometime soon and, with Fehr at the helm trying to make things happen, it does not look like it will be in the cards anytime soon.  He has dropped the ball on numerous occasions and may well cost a lot of people money and entertainment in the long run.

All in all, this situation with Fehr and the lockout looks bad and like it will not end any time soon.  The way it looks now, you will not be able to make your NHL picks this week, or any time this year.  With Fehr messing up so badly, the NHL has become an endangered species in the professional sports world.

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